Raw Material Receipt

This operation begins with the verification of the Reference Guide and the Bivalve Mollusc Declaration of Extraction/Harvesting (Declaración de Extracción o Recolección de Moluscos Bivalvos - DER).

Each batch of product receives then a code, which will be used to identify this batch along the entire process to ensure TRACEABILITY.

Then a sensory evaluation and control of product temperature are performed.

We only receive at the processing plant raw material that comes with no signs of decomposition, physical abuse, pollution by oil or mineral oil; in vehicles specially fitted for this purpose.

An inspection to the means of transportation is also carried out to determine the conditions in which the raw material arrived.

Meshes and / or boxes with product are unloaded manually and placed on pallets, they are immediately admitted to the Reception Cold Chamber which is at a controlled temperature between 0-10 º C

. We respect FIFO rule (first-come, first thing is processed).