The stage of harvest is an extension of the intermediate – final farming, in which after 90 days of being sown, we evaluate or monitor daily the line to be harvest, after finding the gonadal or sexual maturity rates over 15, we perform the harvest starting with the highest rates. These individuals are in systems or lanterns of 21 mm (L2), 31mm (L3) and finally 41 mm (L4), with densities of 25/floor (sizes 80-85mm), 30/floor (sizes 75-80mm .)

The whole process of harvesting is done by fiberglass hydraulic cranes of 36 and 33 feet respectively, which deactivates line systems that are then placed on 30-foot-fiberglass boats, which are taken to the dock where static hydraulic crane transfer the load to wooden pallets. These pallets are carried by forklifts to the shaking area. The product is finally shaken in medium plastic buckets and emptied in mesh or mats which are washed with water jets; then they are loaded in cold chambers, that are transported to ACUAPESCA plant.

During this stage we have the supervision of inspectors from Instituto Tecnológico Pesquero del Peru – ITP, which is the competent authority of Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Pesquera - SANIPES.