Initial / Intermediate Farming

In ACUAPESCA, the initial culture stage goes from scallop larvae collection in natural environment, with a size of 200μ, through different splittings to reach an average size of 25 cm, the entire stage lasts approximately 5-7 months, depending upon the season. After this period all this seed goes to an intermediate farming area. Seed from the Hatchery is also processed, which enters with an average size of 700μ.

At this stage we consider direction of ocean currents at different seasons of the year, seawater temperature at various depths, salinity, and also biological information on the reproductive cycle and sexual maturity. In addition, we also carry out daily monitoring of water column to determine the presence of scallop larvae in Guaynumá Bay.

Intermediate farming consists on deactivating lanterns L1 (15mm) that were grown for 90 days at a density 120-80 individual per floor and a size of 35-40 mm, these systems are taken to process platforms where they are screened. The screening has the function of selection in different categories: A, B, C. After screening, they are planted in lanterns L2 (21mm), L3 (31 mm). From density 120 we obtain individuals of 50-55 mm average size which are then sown at a density of 60 individuals per floor, and from density 80 we obtain individuals of 55-60 mm average size, which are sown at a density of 40 individuals per floor.

From density 60 we obtain individuals of size 65 - 70mm, which will be sown at a density of 30 individuals per floor and from density 40 we obtain individuals with an average size of 70-75 mm.