Our company, Acuacultura y Pesca SAC (ACUAPESCA) was founded in Lima, Peru in 1990. Since then, it concentrated its efforts on all-round farming and marketing of scallops.

Since the beginning we operate in Guaynumá Bay, Casma-Peru. This farming area has advantages, like weather and natural concentration of food for shells (plankton). These are ideal conditions for farming this specie.

The all-round farming covers from seed production and all subsequent stages of growth until harvest. We use latest technology, the suspended breeding method, as well as countries as Japan and Chile.

Over the years we have strengthened our leadership in this industry and in 2004 we started to process in our modern Processing and Freezing Plant located at Panamericana Norte Road, Km 383.3, Casma-Peru (No. agreement P131-CAS-AUPS).

Acuapesca consists of Peruvian capitals and is a labour-intensive company.