Our Product

In Peru, Peruvian scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) is one of the most important and feasible species to be grown. This is due to a developed and known technology about this specie, as well as an unsatisfied demand in the international market.

Scallop belongs to the Pectinidae family and it is also known as vieira, oyster or Peruvian scallops.

Main world consumers of scallops are Japan, USA and France, the latter two are unable to satisfy their domestic demand with their production, so they need to import scallops from bivalve mollusc producing countries: China, United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Peru and Chile.

Benefits of eating scallops are the following: lower risk of heart problems, brain development, decreasing trend in pressure, improve kidney function and counteracting inflammation.

Currently, we produce and export the following products:
  • Stem and coral scallop (ROE ON Scallops)
  • Single stem scallop (ROE OFF Scallops)
  • Steam and coral with mantle scallop (Zamburiñas)
  • One-valve scallop (Halfshell Scallops)
  • Hydrated and rehydrated scallop

Our customers are large distributors from France, Italy, USA, England, Spain and, recently, South Africa.